Thursday, April 11, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's almost Friday people.
  • Deciding to see if the lid on my cup had shut right by tipping my glass in the middle of the carpeted hallways at work. You betcha that water came immediately spilling out everywhere.
  • Writing down a new address for a patient at work. She couldn't write it down herself because she forgot her glasses. Once I'm done she looks at it and asks is that a 3?
"Uh, yeah. Should it be a 3?"
"Well, yes. But it doesn't look like a 3."
"Ok.... but it is, so..... "
"Alright well I guess I'll just have to trust that you know it's a 3."
          Yeah, you probably should since I'm not the blind one.
  • I hate when people bring their dogs everywhere. And people here will bring their big dogs everywhere: the grocery store, Target, everywhere. So I was less than thrilled when two patients walked in with their little dog in hand. This is a Doctor's office people, come on. But I like dogs so I decided to get over it and tried petting this little, dinky dog. Tried being the keyword. That dog was pissed, snarled at me, and then tried to hide in it's stupid puffy vest like a turtle. New rule: No dogs allowed at the Doctor's office.
  • Some little old lady from church calling to see what my new address is. She left a message telling me my visiting teachers couldn't get a hold of me and the address that they have for me is wrong. Nope, it's right. And yes, I ignored two texts from them. Two you guys. That's it. I ignore more texts than that from family and they know I haven't died, I just forgot. And why the heck did they think I moved? Maybe if they stopped by my apartment, that they have been to no less than 5 times, they would see I was still here. You'd think our bright yellow car parked in front would be a clear sign that we are still here. Gah...
  • Finally driving up to Pine Valley, a tiny little town tucked into the mountains. It's beautiful, cool, and has a gorgeous little reservoir with pine trees. We went just before it decided to snow again up there.
  • I've said it once and I'll say it again, Skype!
  • Clippers made just for dog hair. It's makes things just a tad bit easier. Although that didn't stop us (ok, me) from botching her hair cut. Poor mangy looking girl.
  • Sno Cones are officially back in our lives again! YAY!

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