Tuesday, January 21, 2014

29 and counting

We headed down to Vegas Friday night for a long weekend/birthday extravaganza!

Val and Bill hooked us up with some free hotel rooms as long as we did the whole go to a Time Share Meeting thingy. 2 free nights in Vegas was well worth 3 hours of a hard sell. It wasn't so much a hard sell as it was three hours. Again, worth it.

After our lovely time share adventure we attempted to buy something off craigslist. It was a loooong drive to the McDonalds on the other side of town only to meet a man who refused to come down in price. At one point he offered us $15 off of the $650 camera. We practically laughed at him and then left.

From here we ventured out to Red Rocks. It's a national park right outside of Vegas that is supposed to have spectacular climbing. We thought we would check it out. As soon as we paid and started down the one way scenic loop we realized our gas light was on. Woopee. We didn't think it was a big deal since the loop was only 3 miles... until we realized it was 13 and we didn't know where the closest gas station was.

Sooooo, we turned around, popped on the hazard lights and started going the wrong way back to the beginning of the lovely one way loop. People were less than thrilled. The police officer who pulled us over was also less than thrilled. Fortunately he let us off with a warning and directions to the nearest gas station. Only after telling us repeatedly how lucky we were. We may not have won any money but we did get lucky in Vegas!

So to sum up Saturday, 3 hour meeting where they tried to sell us a $32,000 time share (LOL), driving all over the place to deal with someone who overpriced their camera by about $200 and then got pulled over after freaking out all the other drivers. We were tired and exhausted. So we splurged for dinner on the grossest $5 pizza from Little Caesars we've ever had and then headed out to reclaim our day/night.

Unbelievably tired.
We dressed up, got some (a lot) of caffeine, and spent the rest of the night soaking up Vegas our way. Basically, desserts, window shopping, lots of wandering and even more people watching. Sunday was filled with more of the same, in the best way possible. We finally tried the Cheesecake factory (OMG so good), took more pictures, and found some great art galleries. We finally made it home and into our bed around 4am Monday morning. We stayed put as long as we could and then proceeded to be as lazy as possible the rest of the day and night. Thank you MLK for the recovery day, it was glorious.

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