Thursday, January 9, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

The doctor I saw at Planned Parenthood was slightly horrified at my leg. It was a lovely conversation starter as I sat there pantless and spread eagle.
  • When it rains it pours, when it comes to my bloody noses. Seriously. It gushes like a freaking waterfall and refuses to stop until the entire bathroom is covered in blood spatter like a bad horror movie. So glad that this could happen at work. And yes, a patient came in as I was spraying the bathroom with blood. And no, there was no one else but me, myself and I to go and take care of said patient.
  • There was this itty bitty woman who wanted to help the Dr. at a nursing home with one of the older gentlemen we were seeing. She put her hand under the man's leg (his leg was propped up on the Dr.'s lap) and the old pervy guy wasted no time making googly eyes at her and pulling his pant leg up as far as he could. The old lady was happy helping and moved her hands right up along with the pant leg. Luckily he could only pull it up to his knee.
  • Taking a sip of my energy drink while rock climbing on Sunday and thinking, "what is this weird gunk in my mouth, Oh crap!" Yeah.... spat that stuff out as fast as humanly possible and discovered a little worm wriggling around in all my caffeinated spitty goodness.
  • New Pillows. They are from Costco and they are a freaking dream come true.
  • New mattress pad made with 3 inches of memory foam gel stuff. It's like I'm sleeping in a cloud. Seriously. It's outrageously amazing, and cross your fingers, I think it's helping with my angry back/hip.
  • Christmas Trees. Yup, our is still up and we are still loving it. So is Penny.
  • I'm up to 32 pushups in one shebang. Still working on a pullup.
  • Headstands
  • Bactine. Lidocaine is our friend.


  1. Wow those are some bruises!

    My Christmas tree is still up though I blame having too much fun and not enough time to take it down yet ;-)

  2. Jeremy had the same nose bleed problem. It was so bad that when I had the carpets cleaned the guy acted really weird as I tried to explain all the different blood spots. We finally had to have his nose cauterized (sp?) and about a year later we had to have the other side done. No more nose bleeds.

  3. Those are some seriously awkward moments up there!! And I think I need some of your memory foam for my bed. That sounds amazing. XOXO