Tuesday, January 7, 2014


For New Year's day we went climbing! (shocking, I know) Starting the new year off with a bang! Chad climbed his beast of a climb, practiced falling (yikes), I practiced belaying the falls (kinda fun!) and then I tackled my first lead climb. Basically I slide my rope into clips along the climb, which means that it's gonna be a fun time if I fall above one of the spots I've clipped in at. Luckily, I did not practice falling that day. I don't have the mental strength for that yet. Phew.

I was sure I would fall the first time but halfway through my second climb I was really having a good time. It felt amazing to know that I climbed up that wall on my own accord. If a mountain lion attacks or the zombies come I can climb up that wall to sweet, sweet safety. Yes, I'm crazy. Either way I felt strong and absolutely awesome.

Friday was also Ah-Mazing. I tackled Puppet Strings out in Green Valley. There is an overhang that is my nemesis. It took me a bit to figure it out but I did! I got up and over that beast! I may have bloodied some fingers along the way, but I did it! Chad also climbed his project 3 times, a champ I tell you.

Saturday we hiked in a bit to a different spot, Shotgun Alley, where Chad first taught me to climb. We each climbed a few pitches while Rukia was able to splash through the river all afternoon.

Sunday we were beat. I could barely get my legs to move, between a slightly pulled muscle on one side and my son of a gun nerve on the other, it was quite pathetic. So we only spent an hour or so up at the Chuckawalla Wall before calling it quits and relaxing the rest of the day. And by relaxing I mean having a yoga/gymnastics fest with Kieli and Nikki on facetime. Oh facetime we really do love you.

It was sad to go back to work and school on Monday after such a fun weekend (and Winter break for Chad) but it's a little easier knowing that Ash and Pat will be here late tonight for a week filled with all things VEGAS! Not a bad start to our year at all.

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