Friday, January 17, 2014

One Good Year Left

The best part about having your birthday in the middle of the week? It becomes a birthday week, not just a day.

Wednesday was slightly ridiculous at work. Two nursing homes, both took 45 minutes longer than usual, so we had a quick 20 minute lunch and got out 40 minutes late. Oh well. At least I got a nice surprise from Chad as a lunch time pick me up. These were in addition to the energy drink since I also needed a literal pick me up.

We had already made a chocolate cake on Sunday, foolishly thinking it would last until my birthday. Fortunately for us my visiting teacher dropped off a box of beautiful cupcakes. Also we drove through Swig and got my new favorite sugar cookies.

The real gem was dinner. We were going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, but we just looked too fancy :) So we tried out a small Italian restaurant downtown. It was delicious. Everything was homemade and wonderful, even their salad dressings were to die for. So excited to have a place for fancier occasions in St. George that isn't Applebees. Ha.

We headed home after that and stuffed ourselves with dessert! It was a wonderful evening spent with my very favorite person! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Danielle! You guys did look fancy and nice! Yay for a delicious restaurant! Happy Birthday! And Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes are heavenly!