Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thank You Girls of Vegas

Sometimes Vegas is just everything you want it to be.

A drunk girl in uncomfortable shoes and a barely there skirt who sits down in the middle of the hallway outside the club so she can do up her 5 inch heels. Chad and I both got a ridiculous crotch shot. Ri-di-cu-lous.

Another drunk girl (OMG so drunk) who could NOT keep her skirt down and over her buns. Seriously, at least the crotch shot girl was wearing underwear. This girl had a thong on at most, we saw all of her buns. ALL of them. Enough to where I can comment on her underwear. Her boyfriend/husband/"dude she was with" was not thrilled that she couldn't keep it under wraps and kept telling her to pull down her skirt. Bless her drunk heart, she tried a couple times but it was just so hard. And her skirt was just so short.

But really, the best pair in Vegas were 2 girls who left everyone in awe as they walked through the Casino. Girls and Guys alike were laughing, gasping, pointing, and whispering. We were all sharing in the ridiculousness together as we would catch one another's eyes and say, "Did you see that?", "Only in Vegas right?", "Take the picture, we did!" All of a sudden we were all friends thanks to these two. We were lucky enough to get to follow them for a ways, and while they were definitely entertaining it was even more fun to watch everyone react to them.

Thanks for the memories girls!

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