Friday, April 25, 2014

5 {Pins} Friday

Oh Pinterest, how I love you. You give me so much hope and ambition that, if we are being honest, really never actually gets fulfilled. I am an avid pinner but a horrible doer of the pins. Here are 5 that I'm going to do! Hopefully... maybe.

1. Pad Thai. I loooove it. And I should really learn how to make a killer version. I've got a few different recipes pinned, I'm gonna try to find the best one. If you happen to have a dynamite recipe for this please share!!!!

Easy Pad Thai with Chicken from
Just a Taste

2. Do something with my hair. I need to do something now before I see Cheryl and chop it all off.

XO, Angelina

3. You can never have enough headbands. Never.
DIY headband. Could also make with fleece to keep your ears warm.
4. Chad would be so happy if I wore any makeup. Poor guy. I'd like to try this out since I feel like you can never see what color eye shadow I'm wearing.

5. Much like I'm searching for a recipe close to Panera's chocolate chip cookies, I'm also looking for a sugar cookie recipe that's close to either the Clarkston Bakeries or Swig. I'll let you know if I find either one :)
Famous (St. George SWIG) Sugar Cookie Recipe.  This is the cookie that all other cookies for the rest of your life will be compared to.
Vintage Revivals

Let me know if they've worked out for you or if you've had other Pinterest successes lately!!!


  1. I love your ambition! I love Pad Thai and I can never get enough of it! So if you find and try a great recipes---share please!! I feel like I don't know how/don't want to put in a lot of time into fixing my hair. I want to learn new tricks but kinda want them to be somewhat quick to do. Yay for cookies and makeup and headbands too! Good luck Danielle! Miss ya

  2. I made those swig cookies you have pictured and they were delicious! I have no idea how they compare to the real swig because I've never been there but still definitely worth making!