Thursday, April 3, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • The number of donuts we've been eating lately. And the fact that the best bakery in town is Kroger.
  • One of our patients getting convicted of prescription fraud. Patients pretending to be the doctor leads to some pretty awkward pharmacy phone calls as of late.
  • Trying to belay Chad when I can't quite stand up. Granted I do succeed, but I look ridiculous.
  • The number of looks I get everyday from hobbling around. Strangers have actually started offering me advil. Oh wow, I hadn't thought about taking that. J/K I've taken 12 and it's noon.  
  • A patient exclaiming, "Hey! Are you making fun of me" as I was walking him back to a patient room. He was also hunched over and walking funny (due to physical disability), we both laughed as my office manager made a horrified face thinking that he was serious. This just happens to be our prescription fraud dude.
  • The owner of Kneaders knows Chad so well now that he just gave him his French toast for free last week.
  • CafĂ© Rio also knows us very well. In addition to knowing exactly what we order, one of the managers gave us our burrito for free last time we were in. It was a good free food week.
  • Our car is in the picture of our Climbing Store's website. We just happened there when they took a picture of the store front. We are strangely very proud and overly excited about this. 

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