Monday, April 14, 2014

Dinner in Bed

This weekend was full of laziness, with little bursts of energy/productiveness. Sleeping in until noon, but after an afternoon of climbing. A day of laying out in the sun, followed by finally doing our taxes. Watching an outrageous amount of The Office, but we found a new and faster hiking route to one of our favorite crags. See, little machine gun bursts of sobs energy.

Chad was thoroughly assaulted on one of his climbs. It was the hardest one he's tried yet, and it kicked both of our butts. He was swinging around, monkey climbing the rope at the end with rope burns on his chest and a bloody hand, and I was swinging around just as crazy beneath him. We were quite the sight. At one point Chad was dangling by a rope in a bush. Ridiculous. Luckily we were the only ones there so we didn't make complete fools of ourselves. All of a sudden 80 degrees is too hot for these desert folk to climb in. Works out fine for us!

By the time Sunday rolled around we were both exhausted. So we slept in as long as possible and then were as lazy as possible. Yay Sunday! We hauled the tv out onto the patio and then laid out in the sun while we watched the office. It was brilliant. When we were too hot and red to stay out there any longer we moved the whole setup upstairs to the bedroom. Pizza and cake in bed for dinner makes for a great Sunday night. To make up for our relaxing day we finally did our taxes. Every year we have the best intentions of doing them early and it just never happens. Once a procrastinator....

We'll see if we can carry over this semi-productiveness into the week. Chad's got a photography job he's working on and we've got a room full of clean clothes that should probably be put away sometime soon. But like I said, the tv is currently in our bedroom sooooo we may be having dinner in bed again tonight ;)

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