Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Last Hurrah!

Every time I go in to see the chiropractor his medical assistant always asks me if I've been up to anything fun, or have any fun plans for the weekend. Every time he asks I want to punch him in the face. Does it look like I'm capable of anything fun right now? However, two weekends ago I did have fun plans!

Ash and Pat came down Friday afternoon! They were only able to stay until Sunday morning so we packed our weekend full. We tracked down a peacock at a nearby park, fed ducks, wandered around Petco, watched Frozen, fell asleep to it, and then rewatched it while playing Munchkins. Made chicken nachos, went to our beloved Chinese food buffet, and ate way too much dessert.

Every time they come down we have to do something crazy outside. We've hiked Angel's Landing and rock climbed before. This time we were hoping to go to an exotic petting zoo down in Nevada but unfortunately they were closed. So we took them rappelling instead. If we don't frighten them with some sort of outdoor activity we haven't done our job. lol

They both rappelled, twice, like champs! I was the official photographer for the day since I was crippled and drugged. Hopefully we'll be able to head up to see them in Provo one last time before they move to Portland. And if not, we've got California in the works :)

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  1. I love how your exciting plans routinely involve eating an excess amount of dessert. That's my kind of fun, too. :)