Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lucky Duckies

This past weekend Chad and I have had an amazing string of luck.

First, and most importantly, I now have a keyboard!!! AHHHH! I am overwhelmingly excited! Chad was looking on craigslist for camera gear and whatever he typed in his search randomly pulled up this keyboard. It was decently priced so on Sunday we decided to go and check it out. It was fantastic! Touch sensitive keys - I am over the moon! A Dixie State student was trying to sell it before he moved back to Hong Kong. We ended up paying less than half of what these used keyboards go for on Amazon. #Winning! Finding this gem at the price we paid was pure and complete luck! I haven't really played the piano in well over 2 years, so I am very excited to get back into it. I can also plug in my headphones so when it's evident I haven't played in 2 years so I won't have to assault Chad's ears.

My back had kinda stalled out on improving lately. So after a couple very, very rough days, Chad took matters into his own hands. We abandoned the stretches that my chiropractor gave me, they apparently were overstretching everything, and Chad found some killer websites all about my lovely SI Joint problem. After doing the stretches once, ONCE, I iced, napped, and then was standing almost straight. A freaking miracle. After doing these stretches all weekend and during the day on Monday, I am almost upright and the pain is slowly starting to disappear. Slowly but surely. I really am lucky to have an amazing hubby who has worked his butt off trying to help me get better, and when I get better, it will all be because of him. Thank you Chad, and thank you internet.

While this may not be luck, it is amazing. A Culver's opened up in St. George. Maybe it's lucky that it's just far enough away that we won't be tempted to eat their every stinkin' day but close enough now that I can have fried cheese curds and all of the frozen custard!

We have made best friends with the coolest woman who works in the climbing store. Seriously, I want to be her, but that's a whole other post. The best part of this is that we actually remember the first time we met her because she was that rude. Now, I want to bring her Christmas presents and go out to lunch with her. Anyways.... now that we are BFF's she gives us a discount every single time we buy something there. And not like, oh here's 5% off, yesterday she gave us 20% off of our purchase. Thank you very much!

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  1. I've never had Culver's before. Looks yummy :)

    I hope the stretches work out for you and your back improves.

    Happy Tuesday.