Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taking the Long Way

Now that I'm doing a little better standing wise we've been able to get out and do a little bit more than the nothing we have been doing. We've gone out twice this weekend to rock climb! Chad climbed, I belayed and then we watched his friend, Taylor, work on his crazy hard climb.

Saturday we headed out with Taylor to Cougar Cliffs. I was assured it was a 5 minute hike to the crag. 5 minutes. It was in fact much longer than the promised 5 minutes. I was originally going to stay home so I could relax and recoup and lay out in the sun, but I figured I could lay out in the sun while watching them climb up cliffs. Chad's poor friend. He had to deal with a slow crippled lady and a dog that is not a great climber/jumper/hiker. It took soooo long to get down where we needed to be. Soooo long. We had to go up and around and then all the way down and back over. Once we were there it was great though! The sun shined, I got some sun, the boys climbed, Rukia ran around, and no one got hurt.

Then we had to hike back. Which should have been fine, we found a trail that was right next to where we were, saving us the ridiculous hike back. Except Rukia really couldn't hack it. Chad had hauled her up to a certain point in the rocks when he realized they were both stuck. Our poor Rukia was not built for climbing rocks. After struggling for a while Rukia and Chad both remembered that she was a dog and she scampered back down. So we let Chad's very patient friend hike up that way while we went all the way around and met up with him at the top.

We finally made it home and Chad got a text that his friend had left his shoes at the crag. We felt SO bad. Until he texted back that it took him, a normal person with a functioning back and no crazy animals, 10 minutes to get down and find them. Ha. Next time I think Rukia and I will stay home and nap.

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