Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

What has been both awkward and awesome this week? The new job!

  • We'll start out with the usual church awkwardness. I received a phone call on Saturday morning waking us up. Now this isn't an unusual occurrence since we like to sleep in, but this time my visiting teaching reporter lady decided that 8am on a Saturday morning was an appropriate time to call for my report. I was half asleep still as I answered the phone and swore she asked me if I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Confusion! I asked her to repeat herself and she got quite the attitude with me, soooory... how dare I ask you to say something twice when you've woken me up out of a dead sleep at a ridiculous morning hour. Boo early morning church calls!
  • Attempting to do a push up when my ribs were still bothering me. I went to hold myself up in plank and then proceeded to face plant into the floor, whimpering. Fortunately the ribs are now better and I am (almost) back to normal!
  • Patients be crazy!!! It's nice to know that wherever you go there's crazy waiting for you there. Our new patient quoted bible verses to me for a half hour as he filled out his paperwork. He quoted them super fast, almost under his breath while staring at me and would then ask "Cool, ain't it?". Huh? First, you talked WAY too fast, second, you mumbled everything under your breath, and third, where did all of your teeth go? All of his upper teeth were missing except two which made him look like a vampire. Not cool.
  • Cockroaches. There are cockroaches in our house because we live in a desert apparently. You would think that one of our three animals would eat/kill them. Nope, they all just want to bat it around and play with it and then watch it slowly die. I guess it's better than nothing.


  • Getting to quit the parks and rec carousal job before I even started! woot woot!
  • Cheryl and Charlotte showing up at our house one morning to say hi! It was great to see some familiar, friendly faces.
  • 99 cent cones at the Marble Slab! Let's be real, it's no waffle cone Wednesday, but it's close!
  • I'm back to wearing scrubs (pajamas) all day!!! Is there anything more comfy? I love that I am required to wear my comfy scrubs and a ponytail :)

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