Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Let's start out with something both awkward and awesome! We were watching the new Newlywed Show, or whatever it's called, while eating dinner one night. One of the questions was basically, "not being able to do ______ makes my wife angry/crazy/psycho". Every single one of the husbands said not being able to clean. At one point or another during the episode every single wife made some comment about their husbands leaving trails of clothes and debris behind them as they come home from work or needing cleaning robots. Chad and I tend to play along and answer the questions as well, and our answers were completely opposite than everyone on the show. I am the one constantly leaving a trail of socks and shoes, sweatshirts and scrubs, as I come home. I also have no problem being messy. Chad was the one who right before we ate cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes and put in a load of laundry. LOL. Super Awesome that Chad helps to clean/does all the cleaning and picking up :) Super awkward that I am a messy man.


  • Some teenage girl taking my dressing room at TJMaxx. I was modeling a skirt for Chad and when I came back I couldn't find my room. After knocking on a few dressing rooms some girl told me to hang on a second and a few minutes later opened the door wide enough to hand me my purse. Um, hello? There are like 10 other dressing rooms. And I need my pants back. I of course assumed she was trying to steal all of the no money in my wallet and frantically went through my purse to make sure she hadn't stolen everything. She hadn't. And yes, I am still bugged by this.
  • Running out of deoderant. Thinking it would be better to chance it rather than using Chad's and smelling like a man. Realizing that smelling like a great smelling guy is much preferred to smelling like a sweaty, sweaty girl. Lesson learned.
  • Speaking of being a sweaty mess. It's hot here. And those who know me know that I get hot fairly (VERY) easily. I am SO hot at work! So good or no good on making cutoff scrubs and showing up in them and flip flops for work when it's 90+ degrees outside?
  • Just in case you missed this - there's NOTHING awkward to report about church this week! Mostly because we didn't have church this week! Chad is at Mutual right now though so this could change in a matter of minutes :)
  • While working out to Chopped on Sunday I look over and Chad is eating angel food cake and lifting weights at the same time.
  • Our AC in our car is "fixed" for the time being
  • We are successfully working out EVERY day! We take off one day a week as a rest day/date night and that's it! We're very proud of ourselves!
  • Hawaii in 2 weeks! Swimsuits and Coverups have been bought!
  • While in Las Vegas on Friday shopping for said swimsuits and coverups we got hungry, and like last time we were too cheap to stop and eat anywhere. So rather than stop at a restaurant we stopped at Walgreens on the strip and got swiss rolls, some other krispy carmel hostess things, granola bars, white cheddar popcorn, goldfish crackers and gummy bears. (I said we are trying to be better with the junk food!) So we didn't look like we were binge eating on junk we dumped out all the packages that we could into our shopping bag. There is nothing better than walking around with a shopping bag full of purchases and junk food to fuel you!
  • Our radishes are here and delicious! We grew food! Success!!!


  1. Cannot believe only 2 weeks until we can all be together! Yeah Hawaii!

  2. I was in Vegas last weekend! I soooo wish I had known/realized you lived that close AND were there Saturday! I even posted pictures on my blog! So unfair! Enjoy Hawaii, it's awesome!

    1. I was just reading your blog and saw that! Too funny. Anytime we need to go shopping at an actual mall we have to head down to Veags unfortunantly (maybe fortunantley?). It looked like you had a fun time doing much more exciting things than going to the mall!

  3. Alex and i sometimes watch that show too. I agree with most the women/wives on the show. Funny how our spouses complement each other.... Extra points for chad. Thats awesome. Yay for growing food. Sorry it's so hot. Miss you. I hope you have fun in Hawaii. Hooray.