Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Love

We're still here, I promise! This past week has been full of new jobs, fun dates, lots of church, and some Easter fun!

Saturday was spent prepping for our talks on Easter. We were told to each take 10 minutes, easy right?! For some reason we had the hardest time trying to get something together. We literally spent all Saturday trying to get our talks together. There was lots (and lots) of candy, popcorn and red bull involved. There was absolutely no real food involved at all. We figured we were basically writing a paper and whenever I wrote papers in school I used candy and caffeine to fuel my brain! I finally finished writing my talk around 7:30. We do not have a printer yet so I figured we would just run up to the library at Dixie State and print it off, no biggie. Except the library closed at 6. BOO! So then I spent the next hour or so hand writing my talk. Chad finally finished his talk at, oh I don't know, 6 am or something ridiculous. He just put his talk on his phone. It was then we decided that we should probably get an iPad. Just kidding. But seriously...

It was only once we got to church that we realized that we were the only 2 speakers. What?! Oh gosh. Yeah, we were in trouble. Our talks we literally only 10 minutes each, and if you know me at all you know that there was no way I was going to be able to improvise anything to make it longer. It was all on Chad. I gave my 10 minute talk, holding my janky, handwritten talk up super close to my face so I could read my handwriting. I sat down and it was maybe 1:40, maybe. Chad was a champ as usual and stretched his talk to 20 minutes. He is seriously a natural at public speaking and was awesome! We managed to go until 2:00 and then the bishopric member spoke for a few minutes after us to wrap it all up.

After sacrament meeting the bishopric member who asked us to speak, the one who spoke a little after us, was talking with us when Chad mentioned that we were only prepared to speak for 20 minutes max. That's when he decided to fill us in and let us know that since there's hardly any youth in the ward they just ask 2 people to speak for 10 minutes each and then whoever is conducting prepares something as well. Well that would have been nice to know!

After our talks I gave the Easter "lesson" in the nursery. I really tried to pump myself up and get excited but it didn't really work. I don't know what to do with a bunch of kids that age.They just want to run around and throw things. One boy looked right at me and told me that he hated me. What? I just met you 15 minutes ago you little turd! I must have made quite the face at him because he quickly changed his mind and told me he hated the table. Nice recovery slick. Luckily we have Stake Conference this week and I won't have to deal with the little angels.

Awkward moment of my Sunday, getting out to the car to go home and upon seeing my reflection in the car window I see that my dress has slipped down and you can now see my pink patterned bra on one side through my very white see through shirt. Sweet. No idea how long that was peeking. Thanks nursery children. Love you to death! The most ironic part of this is that usually we dash out of church pretty quick, so normally this wouldn't have been a big deal. Not this Sunday, everyone wanted to talk and chat with the new girl who gave a talk... and whose bra was showing to the whole ward. Love it. It will be a miracle if I make any friends here.

Once we got home we just relaxed and enjoyed our day! We ate leftovers, tunafish and burritos. Not quite my mom's Easter dinner but it made for some easy cleanup. Once we got hungry enough for dinner we attempted to order pizza, every place ended up being closed for the holiday so we had to improvise and decided to go with red bull and candy again! :) Happy Easter to us!

Happy Late Easter Everyone, we hope that you all had a wonderful holiday!

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