Saturday, April 28, 2012


After I got home from work Friday afternoon my plan was as follows: Eat something fast and easy then relax on the back patio and work on my tan :) It was going to be very unproductive, very lazy, and very awesome. Chad however, decided that he wanted to go mountain biking and that I was going to go too. Our bikes are finally up and running after the bent bike rim and multiple other problems. We hadn't really been out on our bikes since I last hurled myself over my handlebars and bruised my ribs.

We went over to the same trail that tried to kill me last time, Bear Claw Poppy. The downhills are a little crazy and out of my league in the beginning, but after I rode down/walked down them I was good to go. It was perfect weather and a nice long ride.

We got to the turn around point and Rukia decided that she was done. Seriously DONE. In the beginning she runs around all crazy and excited. She sits and cries if we stop. Well, this time she was laying down and crying because she didn't want to run anymore. Poor pup. It was really pathetic. At one point we let her lay down and rest and squirted a bunch of water all over her out of our camel-backs.

It was only when we got home when we realized that we had taken her out too far and she had cut up her front pad on her paw pretty good. She was too tired to move. She drank a bunch of water and laid down. She then proceeded to throw up and lay in her puke like a drunk college girl. Poor thing. Chad cleaned her up and then we doctored her up with a nice little bandage. She was too tired to even try to get it off. She's soooo sore now, hobbling around all over the place. Just a mess. I brought her food bowl over to her so she could eat where she was laying down. She was too tired to eat though and instead has just guarded it against the cats all day long. At one point Chad was just talking about her food and picked up Penny saying, "lets go eat Rukia's food". Rukia jumped up and "ran" over to her food and immediately started eating it. I don't know how she knew what was happening but she did, too funny.

Crazy Satan Eyes

Sunny and her were adorable this morning. Rukia was laying down licking her foot and Sunny decided to help out. He circled around her and cuddled in and was helping her clean off her paw. Awwww. My animals are super cute and awesome. At least I felt that way until Rukia decided she was too tired to wait to go outside and took a giant poop on the carpet. How's that for cute?

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