Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Since starting my new job my weeks have been less and less awesome or awkward. Back into a routine and not a lot out of the ordinary happens as much. I'm thankful for work though and thankful that it doesn't involve that stupid carosaul, which may have led to some stellar stories but would have made me want to beat my head against the crazy painted horses I'm sure. While life isn't super exciting right now we've still got a few stories for you as always :)

  • Chad and I were super stoked this past weekend because it was Stake Conference! Which means it was gonna be a free weekend with no church for us! (don't judge us!) I was planning on baking muffins for the upcoming weeks breakfast, prep some other food for the week, go hiking, work in our "garden", enjoy the sunshine and relax! Saturday afternoon Chad gets a text from his Young Mens president telling him that he will email him the lesson for tomorrow as soon as he gets home. Still fully confident in the fact that it's Stake Conference Chad tells him that we don't have regular church meetings this Sunday. The President texts back and says that he just checked with a bishopric member and we have normal meetings tomorrw. BOO! I felt like one of my primary kids and wanted to throw a fit. Chad was super stoked that he needed to prepare a lesson for all the young men after recieveing the lesson Saturday night. Way to be organized Young Men. I was super stoked that I would have to abandon my beautiful, relaxing Sunday to spend 2 hours babysitting screaming, crazed children. Whine, whine, whine. We are fully confident in the fact that Stake Conference is in fact this weekend! Cross your fingers!
  • One of the little girls in our nursery came in on Sunday with marker all over her body. I'm not just talking hands and arms, but all over her face too. It was a lovely blue color which make it look like she had been beaten. It was faded a little, clearly by trying to scrub it off, but to no avail. This made it real fun when adults would come into the nursery and look at her and then look at me and my partner like we were the worst teachers in the world and snidely remark, "looks like you've been having fun with the markers today huh?" or "maybe markers weren't the best idea today?". Well, thanks for your kindness and your welcome for watching your crazed lunatic children for two hours on my day of rest! And no, we did not attack the child with markers, that was how she came to us, maybe you should direct your comments to her parents, I'm sure they would appreciate your input. Blah! Really need to work on changing my attitude about nursery!
  • Ok, how about I stop ranting about my awkward church experiences this week and move on huh? It rained a lot this past week. Which was actually great, it was cool, and I didn't have to water my garden! I recently moved outside my little pots of basil and cilantro and was planning on moving them into bigger pots. I had the little pot of cilantro just sitting in the bigger pot for the moment which turned out to be a huge mistake. The big pot filled up with water and drowned my poor little cilantro. Try, try again I guess. Nevermind that it was dying anyways... too much sun maybe?


  • Why hello there Mr. Paycheck, so nice to see you again. We've been apart far too long!
  • Chad convinced me that we needed to buy some new socks for running. I though that our old, strectched out, holey ones were fine but clearly I was not thinking straight. We picked up a few pairs and they are amazing to run/workout in. Seriously. You need to go out and buy some workout socks that DO NOT have cotton in them. Your feet will thank you, and then you can thank Chad!
  • I have been lusting after this awesome dress at TJMaxx for a while and when I got home on Monday there it was!!! Chad's the best! Bonus, it's another long maxi dress that doesn't require shaved legs for those busy Sunday mornings... ok, those Sunday mornings when we sleep in way too late... whatever.
  • While I still miss my old job and all the seriously amazing women that I worked with, there is one thing that here that just can't compare to my other job... the views from the patient rooms are awesome!

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  1. Sounds like things are going pretty good there. You'll have to post a picture of the cute dress Chad bought you. Maybe one of your garden too.