Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Date Night

When I came home from work and saw graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows I knew that it was gonna be a good night! Chad found an awesome spot to have a date night when he was running on one of the bluffs near us.

After we got to the bluff we had to hike up to our spot, about a mile and half, hauling a bunch of wood and food. The promise of smore's was a good enough motivator though and we finally made it up the steep climb to the edge of the bluff. It was gorgeous!

The best part was the ridiculous amount of time it took to build a fire. In Michigan we are used to struggling to get a fire going. The wood always seems to be wet and nothing wants to light. It's taken the boys a long time to get fires going. Not here! It was super crazy easy with all the very dry wood. It lit up real fast, and then proceeded to burn real fast as well. Lucky for us someone had used that spot to build a fire before so we were able to "borrow" their stash of wood.

We had a great night snuggling by the fire, roasting smore's, seeing the full moon rise, watching Rukia run around and explore, and taking lots of pictures.

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