Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We get on food kicks. Chad especially, usually with junk food :) It started with Swiss Rolls, then Oreos, Nutty Buddies, and Sour Patch Kids (still trying to break this one). We've done pretty well at cutting out most of the junk in our diet, especially the processed junk. When we want something sweet or salty we try to at least make it ourselves now, and only on our declared "Dessert Sunday". We are recently in a love affair with Strawberry Shortcake with home made Angel Food Cake. Pretty "healthy" as far as dessert is concerned. We've also got a whole bag of popcorn kernels to make our own stove top popcorn that is soooo much tastier than the microwaved stuff!

Now that dessert has been cut down to once a week our kicks center around macaroni and cheese, pizza and burritos. As you know pizza had to go as well. We still reserve the right to have pizza once a week as a treat when we (I) don't feel like cooking anything. Our most recent food addiction? Tuna fish sandwiches. Super easy, cheap, and kinda tasty.... Chad is much more into this one than me.

At Costco this weekend we thought it would be best to just buy our tuna fish in bulk and be done with it. They had a few kinds and after comparing prices we went with this:

The biggest and lets be honest, grossest can of tuna fish ever. Chad's got to have hard boiled eggs and dill pickles in his tuna sandwiches so of course we had to buy the biggest jar of the biggest pickles ever to go along with our disgustingly huge can of tuna fish. Here they are again with Chad's hand as a reference :)

As soon as we got home we mixed up the whole can with 6 eggs and 6 pickles. It was awesome and nasty all at the same time. You better believe that the cats were freaking out! The smell of tuna was very strong. Of course we shared with them!

We mixed it all up and it's stored in our fridge, making lunches and a couple of dinners very easy to put together! Because making tuna fish sandwiches is soooo difficult to begin with right?

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