Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aaaadventure Time!

It really was a weekend full of awesome.

We started it out with cheap Mexican food. Nothing like tacos and burritos to get you ready to rock climb! Shocking, I know, that we took them rock climbing. We were all super successful too! Chad clearly rocked them all, one in the dark. I made it to the top of the first one, Ash was about a step away from the top of the first, and Patrick sped up the second climb. As a side note, I ran into a tarantula while climbing when I was nearly at the top. He just sort of moseyed back into the large crack that he was looking out of.

Oh the crazy eyes
The moon that night was a little out of control, SO big. The pictures really do it justice, ha, no.

Chad made us some rockin' spaghetti after all the climbing and then hiking back in the dark. Things to do before climbing next: 1. get a first aid kit together and 2. put the headlamps in our backpacks! I feel like I'm forgetting a number 3. We have 5 headlamps sitting at home. They don't do you much good unless you actually have them. Luckily the moon was almost as bright as the freakin' sun, so it wasn't as dark as it should have been.

We finished up the night in the most glorious and beautiful way possible

We cut each one into 4 pieces and devoured them.

The next morning we were off again! Lucky for us Zion's was open and Angel's Landing was up next on our list! We have been talking about taking them on this hike forever. They both seemed slightly hesitant but ready to go.

We made it to all the way up to where it starts to get tricky before there was some second guessing. Patrick made it up the first set of chains when he realized how high up he was. He headed back down to safety while the three of us powered on. I didn't make it the first time either, so no biggie. Ash was a super star and cruised through the whole hike like it was no big deal.

Along the way we ran into my cousins, Misty, Brett and Forest. Funny meeting you here.... on the top of a mountain!

We did another short hike to the Emerald Pools, watched the boys throw rocks in the river, and then headed back to the car to get some much needed food. We never planned on spending the whole day there, but we just couldn't help ourselves :)

We have finally figured out the best way to finish up any trip to Zion's. Right around the halfway point between there and home is a fantastic Chinese food Buffet. It's pretty cheap (for a buffet), we don't have to drive all the way home to eat (and of course then be starving and willing to eat anything, shakes and French fries anyone?), and hello? it's a buffet. That's exactly what I'm wanting after a long day of hiking and snacking on a granola bar. Heaven. I discovered their almond cookies this time and made it out of there with 6 in my pocket. Why are those so good?!

We just relaxed after that, ate more junk food, watched Adventure Time and The Big Bang Thoery, and shared all of our pictures. It was a fast but awesome weekend! Thanks for coming down guys!

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! You all look great! Totally love the pictures with you and your sis! cute :)