Monday, October 28, 2013

Ode to a pair of pants

I am the worst when it comes to buying pants. Seriously, the w o r s t. My favorite pair of jeans come from a Target sale from before I was married. I paid $7 for them. I only have one other pair of jeans that I wear. And that's it! 2 pairs of real pants.

I really don't wear real pants a lot though. I'm in scrubs all day and who in their right mind is going to change into jeans after work when they've basically been wearing pajamas all day. Not this girl. Chad is one lucky guy.

Nina Garcia Project Runway Blank Stare GIF
I know and I'm sorry Nina.
I have a lot of athletic pants and the dreaded yoga pants that get a lot of wear. And, can we be honest, I am more likely to work out if I change directly into some work out clothes after work. That way I'm all ready to go.

So while these two pairs of pants have served me well, I was in desperate need of another pair. If only because my beloved Target jeans are old, faded, stained, and have a hole in them where I've tugged them up by the belt loop. I'm sad to say they've had this hole since the summer, and I still don't think twice about wearing them. Again, lucky Chad.

Our mission this Saturday morning? Get Danielle a new freakin' pair of pants. A dark pair of pants that she could even dress up if she wanted to, gasp! I've been reluctant to get new pants because that means I have to try on pants. Blegh.We all know that trying on pants is absolutely horrifying. A sweaty, awful, horrifying ordeal.


But Saturday was actually really good. I found a bunch of pants that I loved! After a trip to Target and DownEast I now have the best pair of jeggings in the entire world. Seriously. They were originally well over $100 and I paid $15. So double score. Best pair of pants in the world and I could afford them. These pants... they are the softest and stretchiest pants, just as comfy as my scrubs or athletic pants. I can't wait to wear these non-stop for the next 4 years, until I am absolutely forced to replace them!



  1. Where oh where are the pants pics?? ;) Finding good jeans is so hard! But a girl can usually count on Target. These videos made me smile. Especially the jogging one. XOXO

  2. I wanna see pix! Score Danielle! WOO HOO

  3. Alright, alright ladies. I'll get my act together and get some pictures taken :)