Thursday, October 3, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Rukia

Oh Rukia. We have made her into such a "special" little pup.

She hates her food. HATES it. She'll run over as I'm pouring in some food and sit. Once I tell her to "eat" she slowly meanders over to the bowl, sniffs it, and then walks away. "Yeeeeaaaah... no thank you". That's what we get for buying the food that's made out of actual meat and vegetables and not just corn.

Of course as soon as Penny even thinks about going over to eat her food, Rukia races over to her food bowl to guard it from her. Because Penny is all about eating Rukia's food, um no, never. Keep in mind she doesn't actually start eating her food, just guards it.

I will say however, that it is awesome that we can put both their food bowls next to each other with a big bowl of water and they won't touch each other's food. Never before have I ever heard of a dog not devouring the cat's food as soon as they could. So thank you for that Rukia. Or should I say, thank you Chad, for putting the fear of God into her about that and eating shoes.

So then I feel bad that she's not eating and try to trick her into it with cheese. I've tried sprinkling the shredded cheese on her food, thinking that it would be too hard to just get the cheese without eating the food along with it. Wrong. Home girl is talented. She just carefully licks up all the cheese.

So along with her horrible eating habits, she's seriously eating a days worth of food over the course of 2 or 3 days, she's also getting terribly lazy. I wonder why?

I'm still going strong with about 3 early morning walks per week (self high five!) and am dragging Rukia along with me. That's right, I'm having to drag her out of the house to go on walks.

My high energy, crazy dog is a sleepy, lazy, dead to the world pup in the morning. I have to yell at her to come down the stairs in the morning. "Wanna go on a walk? Let's go outside!!!" is met with her laying her head back down and ignoring me. Just saying "walk" and "outside" usually ends with her assaulting me and running sprints around the room in excitement, unless it's before noon apparently.

This morning I finally got her to come downstairs and she laid by the door as I put on my shoes and grabbed the leash. By the time I turned around she had snuck back upstairs and was laying down, hiding in the corner. Seriously? Poor Rukia gets to go on walks all the time now.

Maybe if she ate something she wouldn't be so freaking lethargic all morning.

In all honesty though she fits well in our family. We might be known to enjoy sleeping in and hating the morning with a passion.

Also, this is just another reason there are no babies at our house. I can't even get my dog to eat her food, I can't imagine trying to convince a small child to eat their vegetables.

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