Monday, October 14, 2013

Brain Damage

That's the only possible explanation for what happens during my rock climbing experiences. Especially this week.

We got out to the gorge and I instantly knew that I would die if I attempted to climb. For a fact. Keep in mind that I had climbed this exact climb before... twice actually.

But this time would be different and I would most certainly die.

Brain Damage.

So then I started and I was a hot mess. Sigh. After my triumphant climbs 2 weeks ago I thought that I would be much more confident. Wroooong. I was hot mess city.

Then my brain composed itself and decided that the faster I could haul my butt up, the faster I would be let back down to the blessed, beautiful ground. So up I went.

And after the first climb, I went again. And guess what happened. I flipped out again.

Brain Damage.

I was a little quicker the second time and a little less of a mess, but it was still terrifying. And while I may be saying that I have brain damage for being such a climbing wimp when I know that I will be safe, I think that we all know who really has the brain damage.

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