Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Dr. found a snake in his office. I kept my eye on it as it slithered into a corner and disappeared up in to the cupboards, whoops. The Dr. was trying to find something to catch/kill/get rid of it with. He came back with some sort of pole. Not super sure what his game plan was with that. It was fantastic to watch him freak out about a little baby snake.  
  • I've only wore pink clothes to work out and hike in the past week. Pink running tights, pink t-shirts, and pink sweat shorts. I really don't even own that much pink, at least I thought.
  • Apparently I have ringworm? Chad discovered a tiny little rash on my thigh and then immediately jumped up, ran to the bathroom and washed his hands. He proceeded to sit on the opposite end of the couch as me and text Nikki about how gross I am.
  • Complaining very loudly about all the line cutters as we were getting on the bus in Zion's. We were loud and didn't care. And when I say "we",  lesbehonest, I mostly mean Chad :) We then proceeded to complain as we were smushed together like sardines immediately next to said line cutters. Sorry I'm not sorry.
  • After visiting 7 nursing homes the past two weeks, that Dr. was in Nevada the past two days and it was glorious. I got caught up on almost everything.... and maybe painted my nails and watched The Voice.
  • Crockpots. Is there anything better than coming home from work and dinner is waiting for you? Nope. Unless you have a pan of brownies also waiting for you, and I do. Bonus: there's ice cream in the freezer too.
  • White Chili. Every time we have it I forget how good it is and then only want to eat that for days.
  • UFC energy drink. The CranRazz sugar free did not disappoint. New favorite. Plus, what's an "awesome" list without mentioning a ridiculous amount of food and caffeine. Clearly both are always awesome in my book.
  • Angel's Landing. It just never gets old.
Hope you have a fantastic Almost Friday! Anything awkward or awesome to share?

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