Thursday, December 12, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • The tip of my middle finger going numb from climbing and having it stay that way for days afterwards. It's almost back to normal....
  • Chad sending his iPhone through the wash cycle, yup, the whole cycle. He threw it in rice then attacked it with my hair dryer aaaaaaannnnd.... it turned on, and works, mostly. Thankfully we have geek sqaud and his new phone should be here soon. Phew.
  • Patients who wait in my waiting room for 20 minutes and then decide they have to go the bathroom right as I call them back. Really? You couldn't have done that in the 20 minutes you spent sitting there staring blankly ahead?
  • Driving in St George this week:


  • A pull up is currently within my reach. I've never been able to do a real one and it's becoming a real possibility. A chin up totes happened this weekend.
  • Cabin socks from Dicks. So Warm. So Amazing.
  • Our heated blanket. We cozy up in that and are out but 9pm. lol. The animals are also in love with it.
  • Today is Chad's last day of finals for the semester!
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas box that my parents sent us for December. So fun, we will be making sugar cookies and watching my Grandma win all the things on The Price is Right this weekend courtesy of them!

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