Monday, December 2, 2013


Happy December everyone!

Our Turkey Day plans sort of fizzled out this year, so there sadly was no feasting or family for us. Don't worry though, we made out pretty good regardless.

We kicked off the long weekend with a bit of rappelling and bouldering at Pioneer Park on Wednesday afternoon. Man did that work my baby arms! I had a slight meltdown before rappelling but managed to get over it.

For Thanksgiving the next morning, we woke up early and headed out to Chuckawalla. We mountain biked in to Turtle Wall where we spent the whole day climbing and swinging around. Our Thanksgiving dinner was a picnic lunch complete with turkey sandwiches. Close enough! We were there until dark and we had thoroughly exhausted ourselves. All we wanted was to go home, get in a hot shower and eat cake.

Of course we didn't have anything to make a cake with so we headed out to the Pre Black Friday madness. We stopped at KMart quickly and realized they didn't have everything we needed, so we tried WalMart. Wow, that was a huge mistake. I dropped Chad off at the door, he went in and then immediately turned around and came out. Ha. So back to KMart we went. Since the deals didn't start until 7 we got to be first in line, thank goodness it was 6:50.

We continued to search high and low for cool whip to make a delicious ganache to cover our cake in to no avail. We lucked out and ended up having some in the freezer, a Thanksgiving miracle!

Friday we took a break from climbing and headed out to do a little shopping.... for clothes to climb in of course :)  We wore them the rest of the weekend but will be sure to wrap them up in time for Christmas!

Saturday we went back out to Green Valley. Chad worked on his climbing project and I finished up mine. I tired a beast of a climb, for me, and made it to the top and the very end. I wanted to give up, and would have a couple weeks ago, but not this weekend! We both worked h-a-r-d. Sunday I was beat but we went out to Moe's Valley so Chad could boulder. I hadn't been back in the valley before and it was gorgeous. We both had a good time and by the end Rukia, Chad and I were dead tired.

So that's how we wrapped up our long weekend: exhausted, dirty, sunburned and just a little bruised and bloody. And it was absolutely fantastic.

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