Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting a "win"

I've had some pretty craptastic climbing attempts as of late. My little baby arms have been revolting and my stupid nerve has effectively rendered my right leg useless at times. Then there's my stupid brain that, I swear, likes to sabotage me when I least expect it. "Your a foot of the ground!!!!" my brain yells, "time to p-a-n-i-c!!!". So after a few sad attempts at climbing last weekend I really wanted to rock it this weekend.

Can we please take a moment to note that it's December and Chad is in shorts. #winning
I started with miserable failure on Friday night. Yaaaay. Nothing like a complete and utter fail to boost your confidence and start your weekend out right. On Saturday we headed out to the busiest rock climbing wall in our area, good ol' Chuckawalla. Talk about wanting a win, there were a lot of people out climbing and I really didn't want to suck in front of everyone. I didn't need to be a rockstar, just not suck. 

And I did do well. In fact, I rocked it! I climbed the hardest rated climb that I've ever done (5.10a). Not only that, it was the highest climb I've ever done as well. Ba-Bam!


On Sunday we were climbing in Green Valley when I climbed my first 5.9 (Perky's Playground) clean. This wall has a lot of history for Chad and I. The climb right next to this is where Chad took his first fall lead climbing. It was terrifying. And this 5.9 is one that I couldn't even start two months ago. Literally couldn't even start. This climb is my favorite right now if only because it shows how far I've come and how strong (mentally and physically) I've gotten. No resting on the rope for me. No desperation grabbing. No stupid brain sabotaging me. I climbed that wall perfectly. Like a freaking boss.

The moss at Green Valley Gap was gorgeous after all that snow!
Chad was also a rock star this weekend. Throwing dynos into his climbs wherever he could. Dyno: Where you leap off the rock like a champ, flinging your whole body vertical up to a distant hand hold. He also led climbed his 5.11b (Skin Graft). He's good folks. And mighty fun to watch and cheer for.

It was an amazeballs weekend full of climbing successes! And now that Monday is here... we can both barely move. We can't wait for that hot tub in Provo. Oh yeah, and to see our family too ;)

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