Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wrap it up

First off I just want to say that The Walking Dead is taking years off my life. Years. That is all.

November really proved to be a fabulous month. After enduring the summer we were rewarded with awesome weather. Which made some of my goals pretty easy while messing up others ;)

1. Eat 4-5 fruits and veggies a day.

Super easy when I remembered to go grocery shopping. Salad for lunch along with yogurt and fruit, bam, done. Throw a veggie in for dinner and check it off the list.

2. Work out 30 minutes a day, everyday.

This was pretty easy as well due to the awesomeness of the weather. The cold I had for 2 weeks killed this goal for the entire 2 weeks, but when I was better I was back!

3. Keep the Nails Pretty

I am horrible at painting my nails. I'll paint them once and then let them slowly chip away until they've practically cleaned themselves. I was muuuuch better, and had some lovely looking nails the past 40 days. Now they are all clean (climbing this weekend destroyed them) and waiting for some more polish.

4. Dress up for 5 Date Nights

Alright, so this may have only happened twice.... maybe. In my defense, the weather. No need to dress up and.... walk around Target? Get dessert? Grocery shop maybe? We live in a very small town, with no dress up date options. We opted to dress down and hike and climb instead. As seen in my photo, I did not set a goal to clean or do laundry in a timely fashion. I'm not crazy.

It was a fun couple weeks trying to carry out some new goals and keep up with some old ones. I definitely started taking a little better care of myself and felt great doing so! Now bring on the cookies and hot cocoa!!!!! Ha, no but really.

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  1. Your tunic is beautiful! November seemed like a great month for you. XOXO