Monday, December 30, 2013

Whoa Baby

Apparently I got everyone all excited thinking that there was a baby in our immediate future.

"We have one particular present we think everyone will really enjoy"

Texting my mom "I have 2 sewing projects for us!!! I made it almost 29 years and now I need to learn".

Sorry guys, this was not code for I'm having a baby.

The sewing projects: Making headbands to hold back all my crazy hair when I climb and crocheting a scarf... for my dog. ha.

The present? We bought ourselves a slack line at the Pawn Shop before going up north and were overly excited about it and using it with Pat (He had jokingly got us a Intro to Slacklining dvd a while ago). It was awesome and provided some great entertainment.

And sometimes this happens.
In short, there's no baby. Although I wouldn't mind getting another puppy.

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