Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How NOT to deal with snow

People are starting to get desperate. They want this snow and ice gone, and they are starting to go a little nutty trying to get rid of it. Take for example the good people I work with. They are mostly smart and intelligent people, one from Southern California and the other Las Vegas. Over the weekend they decided that they were going to get rid of the ice no matter what.

He decided that he was going to start by prying the ice out of the gutters with a screw driver. He jabbed and stabbed and pried and scrapped, all to no avail. Then she decided to pour hot water in the gutters to loosen the ice and the ice would just pop out. Instead it just went through all the holes he had poked in ALL the gutters. Yup, all of them.

She then decided to try to deal with the "ice at the front door" situation. He didn't want to use salt because salt would ruin all the things. Very well known fact that using salt one time ruins anything it touches instantly. Sand then? No, they didn't have sand. What they did have was kitty litter. Yup. That happened. Between the melting and refreezing they have quite a bit of frozen kitty litter leading up to the front door.  So much better than salt.

The kitty litter was starting to bother them (lol, can't imagine why) so she decided to melt the ice her way. Who needs to wait on the sun when you have a blow torch? So she went at it blow torch style.... and ended up just melting the welcome mat that was frozen in the ice. She used up all the propane and at the end of it all, had accomplished next to nothing except adding Welcome Mat to the list of things to buy along with new gutters.

I gave them my "I've lived in the snow and ice my whole life" advice, get some freaking salt, and wait for the sun to do it's thing. We do live in St. George, and the high today is in the 50's. Instead they decided to put up a sign on their front door "WARNING: ICE! Do not approach door!".

Silly St. Georgians.

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