Monday, November 25, 2013

Finn the Human Climbs!

St. George decided to be quite mean to us this weekend. It rained on us for three straight days. Those of you in snow can stop laughing at me now. I have become very accustom to sunshine and warmth all day every day. 

We had made plans this weekend to climb our little hearts out and you really can't climb wet, slippery rock. It's hard enough when it's dry. So we had a Friday date night at home instead that basically included handstands, learning new knots and teaching me the basics of lead climbing.

Saturday continued to pour on us so we turned to cookies for comfort. We had two visitors that were more than happy to play video games and eat cookies.

Then blessed Sunday rolled around with all it's sunshiny glory and we headed out to the rocks! We made up for being inside all weekend by climbing for 7 hours. We were one of the first people out there and one of the very last to leave. We started in multiple layers and hats, stripped down to tank tops and then ended in all our layers again.


Chad climbed a ton of pitches since he has to set up a top rope for me and then clean it after I climb. I climbed my first little overhang and crack. It was amazing and exhausting and I can't wait for the long weekend to get here so we can climb some more!

After we hiked out of the gorge we saw this beauty. It was a gorgeous way to end our day. We really are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 

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  1. 7 hours of climbing sounds awesome! Good job climbing the overhang!