Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Climbers

I bet you're all shocked that we went rock climbing Friday afternoon.

We grabbed some subs so we could hike, picnic and then climb. It was a great day. So great in fact that we repeated it on Saturday. After the ritual pancake brunch we went back out in the early afternoon, along with everyone else in St. George. The three day weekend led to everyone from the Salt Lake area coming down to good ol' St. George, where the sun is still shining and we are all still playing outside!

Most of the climbs were already being climbed on, but Chad found a ridiculous one to attempt. Everyone was avoiding that climb for a reason, it was a beast. It was nice to watch him struggle a little bit for a change ;) He figured out the moves on his first climb and then soared up it the second time around. What can I say, he's good.

I may not have made it to the top of my climb, but almost. I've got one that I'm working on and I'm getting better and better. I just need my arms to beef up a bit more! After an afternoon of climbing we headed up to Pioneer Park so Chad could boulder a little bit. He likes to follow up his climbing with more climbing. Then we rappelled!

The park has a few stations for it, and I had never done it before. It was horrifying.... at first. It was starting to get dark, so we were basically rappelling into a black hole, super comforting. And from the picture above you can see how jazzed I was to be trying this, not at all. But we kicked off our shoes and did it! Once I wasn't walking down the rock and was just hanging in the air it was even more fun. Whoever is down here visiting us next, get ready, we're doing this! We each went twice before packing up for the night.

After a sleepy Sunday morning we went back out again. When you can climb 5 minutes from your house it's easy to go everyday! I attempted my climb again, I was determined to be able to do it, but my forearms had other ideas. I made it about halfway before my arms refused to even reach out to the rocks.

Chad conquered the climb where he had his first fall while lead climbing. Needless to say we are both a little afraid of it. But he went ahead and lead climbed (led climbed?, oh grammar) it, shaky hands and all. And then when he was done, he did it again.

We followed up all of our climbing with donuts and cider on Friday and more cider and an apple crisp on Sunday. It's required, it's Fall. After devouring dessert last night we both promptly passed out. Also a requirement after 3 days of climbing.

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