Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And that is why you always wear your shoes.

Chad decided to try and fall apart this weekend. And by the time 5am rolled around Sunday morning, he had pretty much succeeded.

He started off the weekend with a dentist appointment to finally get a cavity fixed. After the dentist really got in there though he gave Chad the awesome news: He needs a root canal. That dentist, of course, doesn't do root canals so he sent him to another place. Until the main event in about a month, we are hoping the temporary filling holds strong.

On a separate note, I had a horrible dream about my retainer breaking and falling apart in my mouth and my teeth were a hot mess. Unlike normal people most of my nightmares consist of my teeth falling out and my contacts being the size of hula hoops.

Friday merely seemed to serve as a warm up to our main event on Saturday. We headed over to Pioneer Park to get in some climbing and rappelling. After spending the whole morning and afternoon climbing and hiking Chad decided to do one last rappel. We were just wearing our flip flops around and changing into our climbing shoes when needed. Since rappelling doesn't require any sort of climbing we had just been kicking our shoes to the side and going for it... barefoot. Unfortunately this rock face was much meaner than previous ones and sliced open the bottom pad of Chad's big toe and flipped up the whole bottom callous part.

Oh the blood. I have not seen so much blood in a setting where there should be none. I was still on top of the rock he rappelled off so I threw his flip flops down to him and then scampered down the rock. We got some amazing looks as he hobbled all the way back to the car with his bright red, bleeding foot, and me with a unopened energy drink sticking out of my bra so I could carry other things. Little bit of a freak show.

We've got a first aid kit in our backpacks that were in the car so we cleaned him up and headed home where we really cleaned him up. Finally after a couple hours of denial and when the throbbing kicked in, we headed to the Urgent Care. We caught them right as they were closing. Like we thought, it was nothing too serious, but it was a good idea since Chad could get a Dr. note to excuse him from Kung Fu classes and something to get kill the throbbing pain.

To get the prescription filled was a whole other mess. FYI there is only one 24 hour pharmacy between Las Vegas and the Salt Lake area, super convenient.

Finally we were home and relaxing! We had some dinner, brownie sundaes and watched a movie. Everything was good. For a while... Then Chad started feeling sick. This continued into the night until he finally gave up on sleep and tried to relax in the shower. Then the puking started. 5am puke fests in the shower are no bueno. I'll leave out all the juicy details of that splendid event, your welcome. After that settled down and we cleaned everything up we both climbed back into bed and Chad was able to fall asleep after a few more trips to the bathroom.

Clearly Rukia was just as exhausted.
Lucky for us this all happened Sunday morning, so we were able to sleep in all morning and relax the rest of the day. Because boy, it was sure needed.

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  1. I totally love that Chad dressed up to go to the urgent care. I would expect nothing less.
    Hope he's feeling better.