Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where are we, Vegas?

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. Chad and I drove up to Provo as soon as I got off of work on Friday. Not only did we get to play with Pat and Ash, but my dad was there too! He was on his way home from visiting his parents in Idaho and was going to fly home Saturday morning. So we got to hang out all Friday night and Saturday morning. It was awesome! We ate way too much food, burgers and ice cream, and had a good night just hanging out!

I was still trying to get over my cold and unfortunately Chad caught a little of it. So we weren't the most peppy over the weekend. I was more of a zombie. The boys managed to jump off the platform at the BYU pool and the girls went scrub shopping and were the big winners at the Nicklecade. Ashley channeled Grandma's good luck and hit the jackpot twice! Now to channel that luck for our next Vegas trip... We threw in some Mexican food for good measure and some delicious lettuce wraps, just to off set all the donuts and ice cream.

Just in case anyone else is in the same cold boat as us, Ash and Pat introduced us to the most fabulous cough drops ever. They are called Cepacol and they have Benzocaine in them, so they seriously numb up your throat. They were a dream come true for Chad. You won't be able to feel your itchy, fiery throat any more, because you won't be able to feel your throat. Again, perfect for Chad but panic inducing for me. If you have any sort of weird issues with feeling like you can't breathe these aren't for you though. But they work SO well if you don't have some sort of weird anxiety about that.

Classy pictures of us eating some Classy Candy.
Sunday morning we were back on the road headed home. Provo decided to send us off in style. We couldn't wait to get home and out of the horrid snow. Our tires aren't really equip to deal with snow, they don't particularly like the rainy roads we occasionally get in St. George. We made it back safe and sound, then promptly spent the whole afternoon/evening sleeping and watching Netflix. Which is the very best way to end the weekend.

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