Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another one bites the dust


2:30 am Tuesday we both woke up. Not from the yelling and screaming coming from next door, but more from the doors slamming and our entire house shaking like crazy. The force with which our neighbors slam doors is as impressive as it is infuriating.

Granted, this is really nothing new. The neighbors love to slam doors and bang on walls and generally just try to shake our house until it falls down, usually between the hours of 2am and 6am. Thanks guys. So Tuesday morning we had had enough. Chad called the police. We figured they would show up, tell them to calm the freak down and shut up and all would be well.

As usual when it comes to any of the neighbors we have ever had here, things got a little crazy.

After the police showed up it took Paul 20 minutes to answer the flippin door. 20 minutes. Police are not known for their quiet knocking/banging either. Needless to say we were awake and waiting to see what would happen. The officer finally called Chad to see what was going on and that's when Paul decided to answer the door. And that's when the horrible lying began.

Here is when we learn one of our first lessons of the night: If your going to lie, learn to do it well. Because if your going to lie to the police, it better be believable.

Paul had asked who was knocking at the door after the very first knock, but opened it 20 minutes later because... he had gotten in the shower. Breanna couldn't come to the door because she was.... naked. He didn't have his ID with him at his home because.... his Grandma has it. He doesn't know the last names of any of his roommates because.... he has ADHD. What?

After a while the police manage to get themselves in their house. And here's our second lesson of the night: Don't invite police into your home when you have drug paraphernalia all over the place.

Breanna tried unsuccessfully to hide a needle cap that was sitting on the couch by sitting on it. At one point she explained that sometimes she smokes weed, but only when someone else is smoking it and offers some to her. But she's never shot up a day in her life. Literally, that's what she said.

Some time later they got a warrant to search the entire house. Because, let's be real honest, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on here. I've been saying it since they moved it. And if we are still being honest, I'm actually just a tad bit pleased that I was right, although again, didn't take a genius.

Chad heard them rustling around in the bedroom where he over heard them find marijuana plants and a rolling machine. Due to the fact that there were needle caps in the living room, I'm assuming that there were probably some other things found as well. At this point in the morning, it was now 5:30 am. I was long asleep and Chad finally went back to sleep as well.

Other lessons we learn from this evening: Maybe just don't do drugs. Maybe don't sell drugs. Especially out of your apartment. Your neighbors all know what's happening. Or if you're going to, at least attempt to be less obvious about it. Maybe try to be a bit more sneaky about your illegalness.  Maybe answer your door when the police show and just apologize for whatever they are there for and leave it at that instead of acting like a lying drug addict. Just some of my thoughts.

Obviously we were more than curious as to how the evening ended so we googled it. Thanks to our watchdog neighbor (whom we love) we know that St. George posts all of the arrests that are made online. You already know how it ended due to the lovely pictures above. We really didn't mean for it to play out like this. We just wanted some quiet, and for the doors to stop slamming. Unfortunately for them it ended in arrests, a count of drug possession and paraphernalia possession for each of them, and two bonds of $12,000 each.

Last lesson: Go hug your neighbors and be grateful that you don't have ours.

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