Friday, November 8, 2013

Five {Things} Friday

1. I'm finally feeling better. After lots of McDonald's shakes, Benadryl, vitamin C, and SLEEP, I am finally over whatever hell of a cold I had. I am also back to staying up later than 8:30, which makes Chad happy.

2. What Not to Wear is on Netflix. It's only one season but it's a season I haven't seen and I am blowing through them and loving every minute. Also, who wants to take me shopping?

What Not to Wear

3. My toilet attacked me this morning. Aaaaand the downstairs toilet is having it's own set of problems as well. Yikes.

4. Chad finally found a Christmas sweater last night at TJMaxx. We've only been looking for one that was cute and affordable for two years now, no biggie. Now to find one for me...

Ugly T-REX Christmas Sweater

5. It's hot cocoa season!!!! And since we are, season wise, a good month or two behind everyone else right now, it's also finally looking like Fall, apple cider season!!! Game plan for the weekend: Homemade Starbucks apple cider with as many donuts as we can find. Maybe an apple crisp as well, just for good measure.

1 comment:

  1. So glad you're finally feeling better! Being sick sucks! I am so sorry that your toilets are attacking. But yay for holiday season, hot cocoa and great shows like What Not to Wear. Remember in college when we both decided in like 10 or so years we would vote for each other and then we can go on the show :) That would be awesome!