Friday, November 1, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday, ahem... Friday

Since there were no amazing Halloween pics this year I thought I'd give you an oldy but a goody. Remember that time when Ash and I convinced everyone to dress up as Peter Pan characters? Yup, good times.

This year was especially sad considering I've been sick all week. We did have one glorious moment yesterday for dinner though. We headed out to Cafe Rio for soup and a burrito, we knew we would be waiting in line forever, it was 6:30. But it was 6:30 on Halloween, and everyone was out trick-or-treating. No line for us.

  • Trying to have civil conversations with patients about health care.
  • Trying to have civil conversations with patients about President Obama.
  • Saying "excuse me" in the middle of a patients irrational rant about the above topics and walking away because it just wasn't going to end well for anyone, and I need to keep my job. Can't we just go back to talking about the weather?
  • Yelling at the people who swooped in front of us to use the air pump at the gas station. We were clearly waiting for it and they were taking their dear sweet time. Maybe they kept looking over at us, not because they were trying to hurry (clearly they weren't), but because my window was open and they could hear all my crazy.

  • Chad taking care of me when I'm not feeling well. Getting me pillows, blankets, and as much vitamin C water as I could stand.
  • Chad deep cleaning our car. It's impossible to take that little Focus off road and not get the red dirt everywhere. Rukia doesn't help either.
  • Chad's homemade hot cocoa. Made with Ghirardelli chocolate and cinnamon. It was insane. Bonus: he let me drink his share.  
  • Chad stopping and getting me and energy drink on the way to work so I could make it through the dreaded nursing home. Maybe some day I'll have a job where I can call in sick to work. Until then, NOS to the rescue!
  • Chad fixing both tie rods on our car. $30 a pop and 30 minutes later he was done. So much better than dropping the quoted $350 at the mechanics. The second one gave us a bit more of a headache, and was slightly longer than 30 minutes, but still a giant win.
  • Chad running out and getting me McDonald strawberry shakes, nothing is better when I'm sick. 
I hope you all had a very merry Halloween, full of costume goodness and a full on sugar coma!

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