Friday, November 15, 2013

Chicken Shoes

We picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco Sunday night. There is nothing easier and better than that! Chicken sandwiches Sunday night, for lunches, and more chicken for dinner this week!

Rukia was even more excited about it than we were. We opened up the lid and she came running, sitting pretty with her tail wagging. Apparently chicken smells better than the carrots she ignores. Who would have thought?

Penny was equally ridiculous, sniffing and licking the chicken thoroughly before inhaling giant pieces all in one bite. After getting Rukia to do a number of crazy tricks for a bunch of chicken we sat down and ate our dinner. Then we noticed Rukia and Penny laying down next to each other, very strange for them, near Chad's flip flops. A lone piece of chicken had fallen on to his shoe.

Penny was too afraid to eat it with Rukia sitting there and Rukia knows that she's not allowed to touch shoes. It was hilarious. They just sat there staring at it and each other. Finally we told Rukia she could get it.

About a half hour later we see her doing the most ridiculous thing. She's all the way in our pantry closet sniffing around. Is there a bug, is Penny in there, what is she doing? Ooooohhh. She's checking all of our shoes for chicken! After checking the closet she went around the whole living room inspecting all the shoes for more chicken. No such luck pup, we don't usually misplace chicken in our shoes.

In other news Penny now throws a giant fit every time we make something in the kitchen. Apparently she is also wanting some more chicken out of us. Heaven forbid we use the can opener, all hell breaks loose because we are obviously opening a can of tuna fish. Cry all you want fur babies, the chicken's gone.

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  1. I love rotisserie chicken when I'm in a time crunch. Hilarious story about your pups :)