Thursday, September 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Don't be Jealous


  • While waiting for Chad to get out of class I overhear a couple getting in their car. "Babe, babe, babe..." Was three "babes" necessary to get her attention? She gets in the car and then he does it again, 3 times, and then again. I've never heard the word "Babe" be used so much in such a short span of time. I was openly laughing at them. The girl looked a little annoyed. At him, not me mocking her boyfriend.
  • The names out here still crack me up. My new favorite, some 18 year old guy named Vegas. Classy job with the names people.
  • Chad was running low on time for lunch yesterday so he heated up some leftover pasta, threw it in a plastic baggie and at it in the car on the way to school. No fork needed, just slurped it out of the bag.
  • A Doctor dropped by yesterday to tell he was new in town and was an allergist. What he actually meant to say was he was crazy. He told me he could cure any allergy using acupressure. Most allergies he can cure after 1 visit: allergies to your children, vericose veins, Autism, and Poor Memory. I didn't realize these were all allergies. Or that you could cure them with some pressure along your spine, once. Thanks for brightening my day!


  • Getting compliments on whatever you're trying on in the dressing room. Isn't that the best? Chad liked it to, so with 4 yes votes it came home with me. Love the sales at TJMaxx!
  • We are only seeing patients 2 days this week! So happy :)
  • Am I the last one to find out that Jillian is coming back to Biggest Loser in January? Overly excited for that one. Dissapointed I have to wait until January though. Hopefully it's better than the crapfest last season.
  • Bunheads. It's like a crappier version of Gilmore Girls. But, after you've seen every episode of Gilmore Girls a bazillion times it's nice to mix it up a bit. Granted, it's not as good, but it's good enough!
  • They have a sushi bar at our new favorite grocery store. It's just like the Kroger sushi. Now granted this isn't what we've been looking for, and Chad refuses to eat it, but I like it. I get the ones with the fake crab in it and while it's not fantastic, it doesn't leave me feeling sick and satisfies that craving. Once again, good enough!
  • Chad's rock climbing class. Every Wednesday he picks me up from work dirty, exhausted, sweaty and very excited. Not only is this class perfect for him, he's making a lot of new friends to climb and bike with.

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