Monday, September 3, 2012

Workless Monday!

Happy Labor Day!

I'll take any reason for a day off work! We were originally planning on going camping this weekend. Up to MOAB, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, somewhere sweet.

Yeah.... we stayed home instead.

The last time we went "camping" without a real game plan we ended up at Nikki and Matt's for a few days. We camped on their couch and played lots of Pretty Pretty Princess. It was a good time.

Unfortunately if we decided to bail on this camping trip we weren't going be an hour from someone we know. We would be out in the middle of nowhere with the bears. And the mountain lions. Plus we were planning on doing some night photography but the full moon killed that dream. We are re-planning for when the moon is cooperating and we aren't so exhausted. If Nikki and Matt were closer we would have totally "camped" there again this weekend.

After our crazy last week it was nice just to stay home. I cleaned, Chad studied. We watched movies, gave the pup a bath, took a long Sunday drive and just relaxed. It was awesome.


Rukia frekaing out from her bath. Girl hates to be wet.
We weren't able to go to the annual Labor Day party in Wacousta, we are a little far away, so we are having our own "party" just the two of us. Veggie burgers, potato chips and dip, deviled eggs and Strawberry Shortcake. Any excuse for potato chips.

Happy Labor Day!

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