Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Crazies

Yesterday was a doozy.

Chad had school all day, it's his long day, and 3 tests to take. One was taken in class, which was nice, the other 2 had to be taken in the testing center.

I get out of work at 4, but he doesn't get out of his lab until 5. So I wandered around KMart (KMart is the worst, and ours is filthy). Then I walked back to work and he picked me up. I dropped him off at class and ran home to let out Rukia. Then back up to campus to bring a very loopy Chad some dinner.

You know how you start to go crazy after so many hours of class/studying/testing in one day? Yeah, he was there, and it was his first time experiencing the fun of it. After he ate I dropped him off at the Testing Center to tackle his last 2 tests and I went grocery shopping. Then I just wandered around stores until he was done. While not super stressful on my part I was definitely tired from being gone all day. If he didn't have the crazy before he definitely had them after 2 tests.

While I don't have pictures of Chad looking crazy while studying I have a plenty of me

After killing his tests we headed home around 10pm. Blah. We were welcomed home by a certain cat who didn't feel like using the litter box. Excellent. She really manages to have perfect timing. When we first got her she would jump up on the bed and start purring. I would wake up, look up at her and then wonder why my feet were getting so warm. Yup, she peed on me. This happened multiple times. What a sweetheart. Luckily we have moved past that. And while she cops an attitude at times at least she stopped peeing on me. I don't know how this turned into me talking about cat pee for so long....

Chad continued to be a champ taking out the trash, picking up, throwing in laundry from said cat incident, and taking out the dog. I crashed. Yup, the one who was in school all day, taking tests until his brain turned to mush was the one who kept on going at home while I promptly died. And I mean died. Like, fall asleep while your husband is talking to you, died. And that is reason #89237 why I love my husband.


  1. hello, just discovered your blog and now following on google friend connect.

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    1. Glad you found me! I'll be sure to follow!

  2. Love the studying picture and totally remember studying together! GOOD MEMORIES! I'm sorry about your cat peeing on you! YUCK! And props to you both! I am so happy for you guys! Miss ya tons!

    1. Our "studying" pictures are ridiculous! Miss you too. Hopefully life in Maryland is treating you well!

  3. Love your last photo! So pretty and sweet!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Evi xoxo

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    1. Your blog is super cute, I'm your newest follower ;) I'm glad you found us over here!