Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Awkward: Sweat Dresses. Although I'm pretty sure it would be perfect to wear in the nursery on Sundays. I'm thinking that a sweat dress would definitely be a step down from scrubs though.

  • Trying to send out mail from the office without stamps. Great job genius.
  • Changing into my "pajamas" next to our car in the parking lot while camping. I was changing my pants, just chillin' in my underwear when Nikki yelled to me that people were coming back to the parking lot from the trail. Yup, just putting on a show for the hiking teenage boys. Your very welcome. At least I bothered to check when I changed into my sports bra :) What's camping without a little peep show?
  • Trying to throw something out of the car window only to discover that the window was rolled up as my hand smashed into it.
  • Attempting to cook dinner in a foil pouch on top of the car's engine. Not super effective.
  • Peeing outside. Enough said.
  • The smell of our car driving back to St. George. 4 dirty campers and a filthy dog. Throw in some wet dog food and you've got yourself a winner!
  • Sleeping in a 2 man tent with 2 backpacks and 2 camera bags. Oh, and a giant dog. While she really isn't giant, she is giant in a tiny tent. Little tip? 2 man tent was really only made to accommodate 2 people.

  • Arches National Park!
  • Watching sheep being herded across a highway. Taking pictures of the "cowboy" herding them and then him asking us to send him the picture! Chad makes friends everywhere he goes!
  • Trampoline Land! We almost killed ourselves but we had a ball!
  • Not having to workout due to our "sneaky" workouts. Hiking and jumping on a trampoline for an hour definitely count as working out! And they are also major fun.
  • Chad was a champ and drove the whole way to Arches and all the way back home.
  • Seeing the fall colors in Dixie National Forest. While it's still summer down here, it is most definitely fall at that elevation. The colors were gorgeous!
  • Sno Cones and Frozen Yogurt!
  • Potato chips from Kneaders. OMG. They are thick, kettle style and are dusted with Parmesan cheese. Holy yumminess. I could eat these forever.

What was Awkward or Awesome about your week?

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  1. Someone always sees some one else almost naked every camping trip. Seriously.

    And peeing outside is awful.