Thursday, September 13, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's almost Friday!!!


  • Chad messing with some camera equipment and getting a giant chunk of plastic in his eye. I ran over to help him and thought I would have to fish around to find it. Yeah, no. It was huge, and black and right there. I tried to get it out but finally just told him he'd have to do it. I swore he was going to poke his eye out going after it with a pair of tweezers but he got it!
  • The awesome nursing home lady who has fake puppies she carries around in her basket on her walker. Best part, one of them has a cone around it's head. Those crazy puppies, always hurting themselves.
  • Being on a first name basis with the people at the surronding gas stations. Only 2 really. But isn't that 2 too many? I won't even tell you why.
  • Dropping my phone in the parking lot while grocery shopping last night. The pixels are all weird now so it looks like there is a fetus on my phone. I used to drop my iphone on a freaking daily basis on the way into my old job. Never bothered it. Not a scratch, not a dent, nothing. That phone was a champ. I drop this thing once and now I've got an alien baby looking back at me.
  • The grumpy old couple at the Nursing Home we visit. They are the grouchiest, angriest couple ever but they crack me up. They never let the Dr. work on them and it's a riot to listen to them grumble and gossip about people. Last month they were sitting outside, enjoying the 90 degree heat of the morning, soaking up the sunshine, all in their giant winter coats. LOL. I was a sweaty mess and here they were sitting out in the sun in their down coats that came down to their knees. Love it.

  • Desert Industries. It's our Salvation Army. And while really, it sucks, no colored tag sale of the day, no specials ever really, and everything seems to be overpriced, it's all we got! I have become a DI champ. I go into the dressing room with arms of (mostly) crap and usually manage to find a few cheap gems.
  • Pawn Stores. While I love the DI Chad loves all the Pawn Shops around here. He's been able to get some killer deals as of late. Like, quick run out of the store before they realized what just happened, killer deals.
Chad's latest loot from the Pawn Shop
  • Chad's pictures from his photo shoot last week. While he hasn't been able to edit many yet (too many tests) he's got some killer shots and I can't wait to see how they turn out once he edits them.
  • Nikki and Matt come NEXT WEEK! AHHH! We are SOOOOOOO excited!
  • Cookie Dough. I made cookie dough over the Labor Day weekend and ran out of regular flour, so I used some cake flour to make up the difference. Note to self: cake flour is not the same as regular flour. They were the flattest cookies ever made, and didn't really taste that good. Upside? I now have a cookie dough just chillin in the freezer for me to munch on. A spoonful of cookie dough is the perfect way to end a long day.


  1. Apparently I don't bake enough, I had no idea there was different types of flour.


    1. We only have cake flour because Alton Brown told us to use it in his angel food cake recipe! We literally only use it for that, now I'm scared to do anything else with it. I guess its only meant for cakes (duh)!