Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Work it Out

I haven't been in school in September in a couple years now. I would be lying if I said that I miss the tests and homework, studying and papers, boring lectures that would drag on forever, and the stress of it all.

I do however miss the fresh start that the school year would bring. The newness of it all. The clean planners and new notebooks, shiny pens and organizational materials up the wazoo. Well, I may not be starting school it's still a great chance for a fresh start. I've already got my shiny new calendar up in our kitchen and now it's goal time peeps. Why wait until January? There's nothing better than new goals to kick your butt into gear and start fresh! And it's a good chance to review the resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year. Some are going awesome, some have died, and some just need to be revamped.

Fall Goals:

  • Wake up at a reasonable hour to get ready for the day, eat breakfast, and relax before the crazy starts. Are you sick of hearing about how we can't wake up in the morning? We'll see if we can't fix that. I wouldn't hold your breathe though.

  • Take more pictures! Chad's all over this but I want to get better at photography as well.

  • RUN! I looked into some half marathons around here, there are plenty. Problem, they all cost around 50 bucks a pop. That's $100 for the two of us, aren't you glad I'm here to do the math for you. That just ain't gonna happen. Having a race to run is a great motivating factor but I guess we'll just have to run to run.
The Color Me Rad run takes place in a month and I wish I could run in it, doesn't it look like a blast?
  • Keep the kitchen CLEAN. Evey night, clean it up girl! Because there's no way I'm making dinner the next night in a dirty kitchen. And since our "grocery budget" doesn't allow us to eat at Cafe Rio every night I need to keep this goal. 

  • Look cute on the weekend. I'm hoping this will get easier as we ease out of the 100 degree weather. It's impossible to look cute when you are drenched in sweat. I pull my hair into a high ponytail, ditch the makeup, and wear as little clothing as I can. And I don't care what the heck that looks like. I'm gonna attempt to channel my inner style blogger and see if I can't jazz up my weekend look a bit.

So basically.... I want to become a early rising, well dressed, put together photographer who runs marathons and keeps a spotless house. That shouldn't be too hard right? HA.

Yesterday I managed to be sleepy, late, scrub wearing runner with a spotless kitchen with dinner on the table. And while there were no pictures of said events I think 2 outta 5 really ain't too bad for a Monday. Plus, I only said I was going to look cute on the weekends :)

Do you have any goals? Are any as ridiculous as my goal to get dressed on the weekend?

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  1. I haven't started school in longer than I care to admit, but for me the freshness of September is so much more motivating than the typical January. I'm trying to keep dishes out of the sink, cooking more and cutting out the fast food.