Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Last night we took our absolute favorite drive, and went down to Vegas to pick up Nikki and Matt from the airport. The drive is awful people. For those of you who haven't been lucky enough to drive down 1-15 and into the wonderful city of Las Vegas let me paint you a picture. Imagine a road that goes on forever in the middle of the desert. No towns, no people, no cell phone reception. It's a blast.

Also the Las Vegas airport is always on time. Always. Which is normally a really good thing. Unless you have Chad and I picking you up. In which case you will be waiting for us. Always. People probably think we secretly hate them and wish they wouldn't have come, that's how late we were last night. Whoops. In fact our not so secret plan is to trick Nikki and Matt into living with us forever! HA! So if you do come out to visit us and we are 40 minutes late picking you up, I'm sorry, we really do love you, we just have poor planning skills. We are working on it. You should probably just send us a fake itinerary just to be safe ;)

You can't beat the sunsets on the drive to Vegas

  • As we were standing in the line at the gas station we overhear an exchange between an older gentleman outside and the gas station worker. After a few hello's back and forth to confirm that both parties could in fact hear each other the man finally asks his question:
"I'd like to pay inside please"
Without missing a beat the woman says, "Well come in then sir", "Oh... Ok, I guess." It was fantastic. The face she made as she realized that was what all that work was for was even more fantastic.
  • Chad accidently threw our debit card away after we were done eating at Cafe Rio. Even more devastating, he also threw away the punch card. NOOOO! So when we realized what had happened we turned back around, made sure they hadn't emptied "our" garbage, threw on some gloves and got to diggin'. It was super fun guys! Nothing better on a Saturday night then getting down and dirty in a mexican resteraunts trash can. A nice worker even helped us dig. Fortunantley we were able to find the punch card! Oh, and our debit card too ;)
  • Chad's partner in his rock climbing class trying to drop him. Yup, not cool lady. Luckily the teacher was there to help her get a hold of the rope. Chad said he was coming down and he was coming down fast! Apparently she's getting better. fingers crossed
  • Chad letting me know he needed to bring a side dish for their Wednesday night activity. He was asked to bring jello. LOL. Oh Utah, you and all your jello makes me laugh. I was tempted to make something with tuna fish or carrots in it, yum...

  • We got invited over to a couple's house last Sunday for dinner! What?! Look at us being social and everything. While I may be trapped in the nursery, Chad is out there making friends for us. They were way nice and we had a great time!
  • Chad found out he did even better on one of his tests than he though, and he though he did good. Love surprises like that!
  • Since we are having guests we now have a clean house. Nothing like people staying with you to motivate you to clean!
  • I have tomorrow off, today is my Friday!!!
  • Giving my Dr. a Pirate "Outfit" from the dollar store for "Talk like a Pirate Day" yesterday and watching him run around the office in it. Nothing better than a Dr. with an eye patch and hook hand. Then watching our office manager prance around in it as well!
  • Hmmm...what else... NIKKI AND MATT ARE HERE!!! It's gonna be a good week!
What was Awesome or Awkward about your week?


  1. Tyler's birthday party is tomorrow, the house is sparkling today.

  2. Awkward: Having our water heater break and taking cold showers, having one of my patients freak out/cry/swear because she was not pooping enough even though she just pooped, and talking on the phone to the doctor at work (for the first time ever) trying to pronounce a list of antibiotics I have never even heard of

    Awesome: getting paid overtime hours, getting flowers from Patrick, getting our water heater replaced, and coming home to awesome pizza all after 15 hours of work yesterday!

    1. LOL. I'm glad I didn't have your week! Although pizza and overtime are good times for sure! I'm glad you have hot water again!

  3. LOL digging through the garbage SUCKS! My husband left his debit card at the ATM at the bank the other day. He was kinda freaking out because it was a new card that he just recently got after losing one in a river this summer... Thankfully the ATM was programmed to suck the card back up if it isn't picked up within 15 seconds, so nobody stole it and we got it back the next day :)

    1. I'm super paranoid at the ATM, I'm glad it has that awesome feature! And I'm glad you were able to get it back so easily!