Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Things {I'm digging} Friday

1. Sobe Coconut Water. OMG, so freaking delicious. The other two flavors are equally as yummy.

2. Master Chef. I just discovered this show and it's super addicting. The judges are awesome/scary and the contestants are pretty cool. I love the blind lady and the woman who named her baby boy "Danger". What a cool mom.

3. There's nothing I love more than lists. And really what's the best kind of "list"? A calendar! I even splurged and bought some new colored pens to fill out our glorious new calendar! I'm super jealous of Chad's new planner and all of the scheduling he gets to plan out. Nerd alert.

4. New Pajamas. Yes, they are too hot to wear right now. Yes, it is a one peice jumper thing. Yes, it is super ridiculous. Yes I am in love with them. And yes, I'm posting a picture of me trying on said pajamas in the dressing rooms of TJMaxx. Yes I was too embarassed to come out and show Chad the ridiculous pajamas and am now posting it online for literally everyone to see.

5. Breakfast. I am not a breakfast person. Why wake up early to eat when you can sleep longer? We are making a better effort at eating breakfast every morning and muffins are the way to go. Their easy, taste like cake, and can be eaten in the car. I made my mom's awesome Blueberry Muffins on Sunday and we've had them every morning, we finished them off yesterday morning. It looks like another batch is in our future!


  1. I'm in love with Sobe coconut waters, every other brand I have tried tastes like cough syrup.
    Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen have been my favorites this summer, I'm bummed for them to end, love them both!


    1. I tried another brand too this weekend. It's called body armor. It has 10% coconut water, I couldn't really taste the coconut like in the sobe waters, but it was pretty tasty!