Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy 100 Posts!

The first and most awsome thing: rainbow lettering. Why don't I use rainbow lettering all the time like my inner 4th grader wants to?

This is perhaps one of my favorite days to write, it's fun to think back through the week and be greatful for all of the "awesome" things that have happened. And of course it's funny to remember the "awkward" as well. Most of the time it's the awkward that makes the week interesting and fun! Hopefully you've enjoyed it as well and have been able to think back on your own week and all of the fun wrapped up in it!

  • Poor Sunny is getting old. He had a bunch of mats on him, and now has a bunch of bald spots and a rat tail. Along with the tumor/goiter thing on his neck he's very sad looking. 
  • Forgetting to put our trash out and having 2 weeks worth pile up. The going out in the dead of night to divide it up between our trash can and all of our neighbors trash cans. 
  • Spazing out about getting my hair done. Does any other girl hate getting their hair done or am I the only crazy one?
  • Not being able to speak all week. All of a sudden my mouth forgets how to form words while I'm trying to talk to patients on the phone, super professional. And not just mispronouncing something and just moving on, but I can't spit out words and have to stop, apologize and try again.
  • I woke Chad up Saturday morning and he told me to "keep it sexy". LOL. He then promptly closed his eyes and continued sleeping.
  • Taking people's blood pressure at work. We have this tiny little baby cuff that doesn't fit on you unless you are a tiny little baby of a person. So I get to attempt to put it on everyone and then have to break the news to them if they don't have a tiny little baby arm. "Sorry mam, your giant lump of an arm won't fit into this ridiculous small cuff, sorry you're such a fatty". Obviously I try to play it off like it's the cuff's fault (which it is) but they still look at me like I am the worst. Then when they come back in 9 weeks we get to play the game all over again. Woot.  

  • Will's been here all week! We LOVE having friends visit!
  • Finding a new pair of gently worn scrubs at the Salvation Army for $8. Score! And the pants weren't just my size but also a long. Double Score!
  • Meeting an 80 year old woman who used to be a Las Vegas showgirl. She had some stoooories!
  • Shaved Ice. Have I mentioned how much shaved ice rocks? Because it's the best... ever. 
  • We've been having some seriously awesome sunsets as of late.
  • Panera Mac and Cheese. It's way too expensive for the amount you get but it's so good we don't even care. And if you're going to Panera you can't leave without a chocolate chip cookie. Mac and Cheese with chocolate chip cookies - dinner of champions!
  • The Olympics. I love watching the Olympics. We've seen sooooo much volleyball and gymnastics the past week, and it's been great! We can't get enough. It makes me want to go running or start swimming. Then I realize it's midnight and I just go to bed instead. Is there a gold medal for sleeping?
  • Moving the guest mattress downstairs in our living room. Best. Idea. Ever. "Picnic" dinners are so much more fun on a mattress and it makes an afternoon nap that much better.


  1. Danielle, since you have a little baby cuff you should ask your Dr to get a regular sized cuff in a long size.That type of cuff works on almost everyone. You can also use someone's forearm for a blood pressure so I'd give that a try. Good luck!

    1. OMG! I just put it on their forearm? That would be awesome. He knows it's too small, if I don't get a blood pressure I just put a sad face instead of numbers, you think he would connect the dots... Thanks nurse! :)