Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'll Meet you at Midnight

It's becoming clear why we have a hard time getting up early. Friday night Date Night. For us it's really a Date Day since I get off work at noon on Fridays, woot. And really, our whole weekend is a Date Weekend because we have no kids. It's a fun time.

Anyways, Friday is our downfall. It starts out innocently enough. Lunch, usually a movie, then dinner. Lunch usually ends up being burritos from Cafe Rio, and then dinner is the leftovers. The problem comes later though.

We decide that we are going to go out and take pictures. At night. Once the sun is completely gone. So... around midnight. Which means we aren't getting home until 3, or 4. When other normal people are at home, you know - sleeping, we are acting like crazy people and wandering around the desert with cameras in hand.

2 Fridays ago we found some cool statues to photograph and then decided to drive around. All of a sudden we were in the middle of the Mojave Desert. In our janky car no less, shaking the whole way. We finally wised up and turned around to the main road. If we break down there is no one to call, especially at 3am. I joked and said we would just have to roll up the windows, lock the doors and sleep until morning when we could walk out. We made it home around 4am.

Last Monday night we decided to drive up to the Indian Reservation to see the wildfires. We had never seen one and were curious.. We grabbed our cameras and headed out.  Side note: the fires weren't near anyone's houses or anything so we didn't feel guilty about gawking since no one's house was going to burn down while we took pictures! It was very spooky. I felt like we were entering Mordor. It was smoky and black but the the lightning would come and light up the whole sky. We took some cool pictures and made it home after a brief blown tire.

We love taking night pictures and there's something very fun about being out just the two of you while everyone else is sleeping.

Well, fun until the next morning. It's not so bad until Monday really, when we have to wake up at a decent time and go to work. Blegh. By the time we finally adjust guess what? It's Friday, which means another Midnight Date Night!

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