Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Taking a ride on the Crazy Train

We were lucky enough to have another friend come out and visit us for a week. It was tons of fun! Chad had a mountain biking partner and we got to show off all of our favorite places!

We started by getting a new puppy. Then we took the new puppy back and it was a sad day indeed. Chad took Will mountain biking every afternoon, including one trail that I don't even want to hike up.

We accidently hiked through Snow Canyon Park at night. We realized it was getting dark real fast and we were in the back of a canyon. The boys thought it would be faster to climb up and over the mountain rather than going back through. So we tried going up. Note to self: It is never easier to hike over a mountain. Especially as it starts to get dark and your vision starts to go. Eventually we all came to our senses and hiked down and then back through the canyon in a lot of sand. Hiking in sand is not the most fun. Hiking in the sand in the dark is even less fun.

We also hiked Angel's Landing during a thunderstorm. The wind was crazy. A couple actually turned back because they though the girl was going to get blown off the mountain. Hey lady, if the chipmunks can handle it I think you'll be ok. Then we went and saw a midnight showing of the new Batman movie and woke up at 6:30 the next morning to take Will back down to the airport to (barley) catch his flight home. :)

It was a crazy week and a lot of fun. We were worn out and ended up needing a serious nap Saturday afternoon. As tired as we were, we are so happy that Will could make it out!

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