Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Dining Dillema

Our Dinning Room Table has had a number of quite dramatic transformations. We bought it at the Salvation Army right before getting married and knew that it would be our tester table to try out all kinds of finishes and other crafty things on. The poor things been sanded and painted, sanded and painted, sanded and primed and wallpapered and shellacked. Then scraped and sanded and primed again!

At one time it was clearly a high gloss black

After a failed attempt with wallpaper and modge podge we haven't mustered up the strength to fix our poor little table. And in all honesty there's not a whole lot of motivation to do so. It's been sitting in our second bedroom as a craft table/desk/catchall for things we don't know what to do with. It's been very handy! Now that we've got the King Size bed though our old bed now resides in the guest room. So our poor little table needed a new home. And since it would be ridiculous to put it in the dining room (lol) we decided to move it out onto the patio and create a little dining area out there.

We couldn't be happier with how cute it looks out there. Now granted the table still needs a face lift and we are using the cheapest WalMart chairs we could find... but you don't notice any of that when it's dusk and the lights are twinkling, the candles are glowing and you're dining on whatever goodness you handsome hubby made you.

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